Looking for a place to Host a "Blues Open Mic"

Looking for the weekend perferably a Sunday

Phone: 856-520-4000

** I have already had 30 positive responses of people who said they would come if I had an Open Mic.

**I found 38 (NJ based Facebook Pages) I can advertise on for free

** Have a phone book ove about 200 people that would come to watch or play

** ads would go on My Band website, My personal Facebook page, My wife's page and my band Mates pages.

** $300 for 4-hours of work.... Band plays for 1/2 hour ... folks will have full use of ourt equipment (minus guitars). Jammer will can request the band to be their back up jam.

** If you are having a slow night and want some steady $$$$ coming in please consider this proposal.

For pricing and band availability ...
Please contact Chuck McCrory at 856-520-4000 or email him at: mccrory123@gmail.com
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